About Us

XNode Systems Inc. is a Canadian software company based in Vancouver, BC, a destination for numerous tourists to enjoy its natural beauty and the city where the 2010 Olympic Winter Game was hosted.

Our Vision

Provide the best Web user experiences through powerful development tools.

Our Story

In early 2008, Richard Xiong, a software developer who have been developing software since 2001, established XNode Systems Inc. as a result of launching his own business. The company initially focuses on software consulting business since this is what Richard is most capable of doing. Through XNode Systems Inc., Richard has provided his services to clients like AeroInfo and NetSimplicity.

Early in October 2007, Richard created AutoCompleteManager - a JavaScript component, with an initial goal to support searchable drop down list. Since then, he continues on refining and extending this component with a hope that it will eventually become something significant. These efforts have been proven to be worthy and laid a solid foundation for the future birth of XField Suite - a full-fledged ASP.NET Web control suite that focuses on data entry and validation.

By May 2009, Richard launched the Data Entry Plus Project to build a suite of ASP.NET Web controls that focuses on data entry and validation. In March 2010, he renamed this project as "XField" as he gains more insights and bigger picture on what this project is about. Eventually, after numerous rounds of development, test and refactor, XField Suite was released in July 2010. The successful release of XField Suite signifies an important milestone for Richard's career and XNode Systems Inc.

Office Location

5300 Oliver Drive
Richmond, BC, V6V 2S7


E-mail: support@xnodesystems.com
Phone: (604) 910-2311

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